Rest Day

Monday was rest day. Having trained eight times in five days I planned in a rest day… when that rest day came around though I still felt the need to train. Twice during the day I was ‘on my way’ do do some training. The first time I resisted the urge, the second time I got distracted and ended up missing the time window. I’m glad I did because now that I sit here and rest, I can feel that I need the rest. I’m damn tired.

Tomorrow will be a double day. Swim and something else. It all depends how the day works out. As for the week, I have the bike sessions dialed in for now:
Sweedspot session on Wednesday.
VO2 Max session on Friday or Saturday.
Long ride on the MTB on Sunday.
I’d like to keep two fairly good runs going too.Two weight sessions and a swim or two… how many is that?
Oh, did I mention the SkiErg and Concept2 sessions?
Time … the eternal problem.


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