Run, Lift

Two days rest and I was back at it last night.

I started out with a run – I’ve been too easy on myself this year with the running so I did a slightly more difficult set last night:

42 minutes as 3 min @ 14km/h – 2:00 @ 15km/h
This was not difficult and actually passed the time much better than ‘just running’. It was nice to have a finish line every two or three minutes.

I followed that up by lifting weights.
Firstly I worked my upper body until my legs recovered and by the time I got to the squat rack I decided that I probably have not being doing it right in the past. Today today I decided to try to blitz my legs with 5 x 8 sets. Job done on that front. From now on that will be the minimum set.

Tomorrow I’ll do the 9:00 / 1:00 Sweetspot set – maybe even do a row too. I may as well over plan and say I’m doing a swim too 🙂


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