Roll and Ride

After resting Friday I hit the rollers and did my best session of the year so far: 6 x 9:00/1:00 Sweetspot. 825kJ / 89.3 TSS – solid for the rollers. My goal still remains 8 x 9:00. Let’s see if I am able to get there this year.

I backed that up with a MTB ride on Sunday. I learned that minus twelve degrees and sun is my absolute limit for cycling outdoors. A few times I had to shake my hands out to get blood flowing in them again and I didn’t even realize that my feet had frozen until the blood started to return when I got home. It was great to get out but I sure did feel the effects of Saturday’s indoor set. Legs were dead on the uphill sections – Richie just disappeared up the road every time it went upwards.

PerfJanFitness is building slowly but surely. Keeping the upward slope in Performance Manager since late December. Plan is to keep the upwards trend going until June.

Almost forgot… the bad news. An FTP test is due. Probably tomorrow.

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