Big Day

I’ve been meaning to do this set for quite some time and finally managed to do it today:

3 x [12 x (0:30 @ 130% FTP, 0:15 @ 50% FTP)] on 3:00 RI


It was tough… very tough. Being honest with your FTP is going to make all the difference here. If you overestimate it you most likely won’t finish the set and if you underestimate it then, well, you of course wont get the same training effect.

After that I ate and decided to go the the gym later on. I planned doing a 10km concept 2 set but couldn’t get the power up on the rowing machine so I bagged it after 10 minutes… it was my first time in the gym so I’m not sure if the rowing machine is ok or not… I can say that two of the three didn’t work and the third (that I uesd) seemed very difficult. Anyway, I hit the weights instead.
I’m getting into the strength training and the set now takes 40 minutes.
I also increased the weight for my squat ad deadlifts today; 45kg and 52kg respectively.

It’ll be interesting to see of this actually makes any difference in bike performance.

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