Row & Spin

Keeping the rowing going for now. Yesterday was a costly 10km easy set. I somehow forgot my HRM strap at the gym; returned there today to see if anyone had found it and was told they hadn’t. Not good! The row itself was ok. The Easy 10km rows are finally starting to feel easy. With that, I added a few surges and finished the set strong; holding 210w for the last 1km. Still felt fresh afterwards. My hope is that the rowing will compliment my cycling and running while not causing the stress that running causes. My lack of running last year has made my feet more susceptible to injury – until I get about 500 careful kilometers into my legs that won’t change. Until then it’s easy on the running and hard on the rowing.

Today I did something that I haven’t done since 2006: I went to a spinning class. I knew I wouldn’t have time to get on the trainer tonight so bit the bullet and did the class. It was a good short sharp set. 41 minutes of hard work. I also was reminded of why I gave up spinning… that smell. No room smells worse.

I’ll try to swim and or run tomorrow.


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