I’m back at it big time now… unfortunately.
For about three years I’ve been promising myself that I would start doing weights in the off-season and for three years I’ve not done that.
Yesterday, after a fairly tough two days I did the following:
45 minutes mod-hard on the MTB. Cleat came off so I took the shortest route home and did a punishing 17 minutes on the trainer to take me past the hour.
Went back to work and decided to go to the gym on the way home.
Started out with 10 minutes running @ 4:30/km – easy stuff.
Then I went into the weights room and over did it. My DOMS usually takes 40 hours to peak; I’m sitting here typing after only 17 hours and almost every muscle aches.
I did:
Bicep culs (machine)
Tricep extensions (machine)
Shoulder press (machine)
Inclined shoulder press (machine)
Squats (free weights)
Cleans (free weights)
Seated Cable Row (machine)
Lat Pull-Downs (machine)

I’ll recover and one the pain subsides I’ll make it a regular thing.
Of course I need to design a set – yesterday was just breaking the ice (and the body).

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