Big Week and Running

Finished a relatively big week totaling nearly 8 hours… not big in absolute terms but when my weekly average for the wear sitting at four and a half hours it gives one an idea of what I mean.

What led to the big increase is a combination of a number of factors:
Very mild Autumn, so there is good opportunities to train on the bike still.
I’ve returned to swimming with the club.
Lastly, my running is eventually getting some regular attention.

I’m enjoying getting outside and training – I’ll keep doing so until the weather forces me indoors. Hopefully I will be in pretty good shape by then.

Goals for next year are set on a high level:
Run regularly.
300w Peek 5 min power… this will allow me to attack in a B-Class race.

I’ll get more detailed as the season approaches.
Hopefully I’ll get a swim tonight.

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