Swim – Bike

Took the plunge and went swimming with the club last night. I usually try to get a few solo swims before I go back and shame myself but last night I just decided to go. No real swimming since last May. Turned out to be the right decision. I was ok until the last ten minutes… even then I wasn’t too bad. I did feel my form slip for the second half of the set. I’ll get that sorted pretty quickly though.

Today I did a lunch time MTB rode with Richie. He pretty much left me for dead on anything resembling a hill but I enjoyed being out nonetheless. Lovely Autumn day.


I forgot to mention – I tried out my new Garmin Swim pulse band. It records your HR while swimming. In principal it works – I had a HR curve on garmin connect after I swam. Unfortunately when I overlay HR and Pace (HR and any other metric actually) the HR graph is about 30% shorter than. My guess is that the HR is not being recorded during the rest intervals and the other metrics are. I’ll have a read around and see what I find.

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