RED Fail

Run Every Day plan failed. Two runs in and my social life derailed my training for three days. Now I’m back at it again but not getting in nearly enough training. I think I may have time to do two and a half hours before work tomorrow – that’ll get me back on track. If I have the time or energy I can do a short run in the evening and start another RED set.

Today was a 35 minute blast on the MTB this morning and a 41 minute steady run this afternoon. If I hurry I could get another 40 minutes on the bike before it’s time to make dinner for the family. IF, and I really do mean if, I get all this done, there still remains the small matter of my swimming (in)ability this year. I think I may have to let it go for the year… I don’t have enough time to be a cyclist and a triathlete. I may have time to be a cyclist and a runner though… the journey continues.

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