Better Now

I still was not feeling 100% driving out to the race – I was sure that I was making a mistake and would pay for it with an even more severe bout of sickness. All that disappeared once the race started. I felt good – so good that I made a lame attempt at an attack after about 12km. There were three riders up the road and the bunch had slowed to 35km/h – I decided I could bridge the gap to the two riders. I launched off the front, held 45-48km/h for the single kilometer I was out there for and, even at that speed, I was passed by a bunch that made it seem like I was standing still. They told me in no uncertain terms that I would not be getting away.
Their capture was so severe that I was very nearly dropped… That thought me a lesson: the gap between being able to sit in a bunch and animating a race is enormous. Absolutely enormous.

Humble pie eaten – Work to be done.


All in all it was an easy race – training rides have had higher average power.

It’s now time to start running again. I’m currently carrying my worst running form in years.
The plan: Run Every Day for a week. Just 25 minutes minimum. No goal pace or HR. Just run without injuring myself.
After a week, decide what to do next.
Simple is best.

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