Arlanda Test Track 2015

This was the best fun I’ve had in a long time… I was extremely nervous and full of self-doubt on the start line for this race; the lack of training and my trip to Egypt involving five days with no training had me on edge. Some might say that I had nothing to loose since I put nothing in. I believe though that once on the start line all those excuses mean nothing: once you put yourself on that start line there can be no excuses … it’s quite lame to do so.

The whistle blew, or the bell rang, I was so nervous I don’t recall, and off we went for 10 pretty fast laps. The course was pretty technical – see image below – and the fact that there was no traffic made people take more risks than I’ve seen before. On three occasions I was behind a potential crash that was caused by stupidity and saved by a mixture of skill and luck.

I started at the back of a bunch of around 90 riders and found the technical sections difficult, however, with each progressive lap I found good lines on some of the key corners and was gaining positions on these key corners.

Skip forward ten laps and I did in fact try to make a gallop for the finish line; the home straight was probably 20 meters wide so technically there was no problem finding a path to the line. Unfortunately my 780w was not nearly enough to make an impression on some of the horses I was racing against. Results to follow but I’d say I finished top 1/3 or better and felt pretty good about that.

Today as I sit here and type I feel my chest is pretty sore – 32 minutes of supra-max effort combined with no training has taken its toll. It remains to be seen if I will be able to race tomorrow. Seven laps of a 10km loop is the scheduled race – a race that will surely expose my lack of time on the bike… no faking that distance.

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 11.26.00

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