Bike Race

Bike race number 4 tonight.
I started out feeling good and actually thought the first lap was too slow… I was thinking about asking my friend if we should have a go off the front on lap two but decided to sit tight instead. Lap three I lost patience and decided to give it a go on the small hill at the start finish; i didn’t get away but I did manage to string out the bunch in a straight line. Before that point it was getting a little crowded and chaotic.
At the end of the third lap I found it very easy to position myself up the front and was in good position for the sprint… it seemed too easy I thought. After I took the turn off to the finish line I realized why gaining the front position was so easy: it was a four lap race and there was still a lap to go.

I swung the bike around and chased hard and -probably my most proud achievement of the year- caught the bunch.

This was hard… I very nearly didn’t manage it but I did. The next hill after I caught the bunch was also very hard but after that there was no problems at all.
With the finish line actually approaching it became very difficult to make it up the bunch and but the tie the sprint came I was too boxed in to manage a real sprint. I was top 20 in the end and surprised to see the average speed was 40.4km/h.
Good day. Good race. Very pleased.

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