Saturday Ride

Met up with R & J and went north of the city for a good training spin.


There was no plan other than to just ride but we ended up doing three solid efforts during the three hours. I was happy afterwards and looking forward to backing it up with something on Sunday. Sunday came and I felt tired – really tired. Initially, in a state of denial, I postponed my training until after lunch, then after dinner and finally until after the kids went to bed… the final result was a rest day.

Today I took my bike to work and plan to do two hours on the way home from work. I’ve already done 50 minutes training today: 40 fairly tough minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes swimming. The treadmill run was 13,1km/h @ 1% with a few ‘jump ups’ in difficulty. Some 9% gradients without slowing down and a few 17,1km/h (3:30/km) bursts of speed.

The goal is to get_back_running this week and keep building the load on the bike… a third goal is to get to swimming with the club.

see how the week pans out.

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