Tough race last night. A tough and technical course made holding the elite group impossible for me… my fitness also played a significant part in that failure.
Nonetheless, I finished in the second group – a good strong group and even took a few pulls on the front. There was a short sharp hill that was a 90-95% effort each time and two slow corners; one 180 degrees and one over 90 degrees – both these corners were more difficult to me than the hill. I had to sprint for 100m out of each of them to catch/hold the group. This was hard but felt OK until it wasn’t.

All felt good – there were good times and bad times but at one point, sprinting out of the 180 degree turn the legs went… For the first time in the race I felt that I would not be able to hang on until the end. At this stage I took the one and only look at my computer; it read 42 minutes as we powered up the long drag to the finish line. This meant that we had 4 laps to go (the race was planned to be 45 min + 3 laps).

The next time into the climb I was positioned badly and I also took a bad line cornering into the climb… I had to dig deep up the climb and even deeper to catch the elasticated back of the group. In my mind I let myself be dropped then but the bunch compressed, the speed stabilized and I caught back on before.

Next time lap I planned to hit the climb first in the group. I did so and found it much easier.
The second last lap I nearly lost the group once more on the spring out of the corner but apart from that all went well. The sprint to the finish was a joke… I shouldn’t have contested it but I couldn’t help myself… my mind wants what the body can’t give it.

Great night. Hard race. Can’t wait until the next one.

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