Getting Tired

I have thus far executed the plan outlined in my last post; Turbo set, Treadmill Run and tonight I’ll top it off with a swim.

This is tonight’s plan:
Insim 400
3×50 med 3 ”volter/snurr” per längd
3×50 (acc1-3)
Serie (2000 m), vila 30,
400 F2, 300 F 1-3, 200 F2-3, 100 F3 -setvila 60 sek
300 F1-3, 200 F2-3, 100 F3 -setvila 60 sek
200 F2-3, 100 F3 –setvila
100 F3
4×150 Paddlar & Dolme F2
100 lugnt
Totalt 3400 meter

Last night the Turbo was 66 minutes at varying pace – I found it pretty easy and think I’m now ready for the next phase (or the first phase?) in building my cycling fitness again. My first bike goal requires almost three hours at as close to threshold as I can manage on varying terrain. I’ll drop back to MAF efforts for the next few weeks and will keep the hard stuff to 10% of my total volume for now.

Running has been very easy for the past few weeks so I addressed that on the treadmill today with a fairly difficult set:
3 minutes w/u
9 x [ 400m @ 3:58/km, 600m @ 4:30/km ]
It got quite difficult at the end… I probably shouldn’t have gone so hard.

I’ll swim tonight and do either nothing or something easy tomorrow.

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