Finding Gears

Every time I start to get fit I experience stages in the development of form:

Stage 1: Not really enjoying it. It’s too slow for enjoyment or, should I decide to search for fun through speed, then it’s too difficult.

Stage 2: I start to enjoy training.

Stage 3: I start to find gears. You know, the ability to switch up and down to different efforts and actually hit significantly different speeds while doing so.

Stage 4: Usually a dip in enjoyment and a long plateau where there seems to be no improvement. The fast gains have well and truly ended.

Stage 5: Feeling great. This is when I should start a speed or build phase.

For my swimming and running I am currently at stage 3. Cycling is at stage 2. So I’m making progress and having fun doing so.

I’m soon approaching the stage where injuries can occur. I’ll take it easy, enjoy the training and keep a close eye on my recovery. Today I’ll do a run, of yet to be decided duration, in the snow. Swimming was extremely difficult last night and I’ll know when I strt running what it’s actual cost was. I’ll check in afterwards.


Ended up doing a ~12km XC run in 5cm of fresh snow. I used to get extremely frustrated by this type of run in the past because the lack of speed, today I really enjoed it; I didn’t think of it as a run, more like a technique and strength session in the outdoors. It was absolutely wonderful.

I may go so far as to stack an easy trainer workout on top of this run. I’ll continue to add the training load on until Friday and then take a break on Saturday (and possibly Sunday if i go too deep into the hole).

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