The good, the bad and the potential to be good.

This off season has not been good – not at all. No motivation – then a burst of motivation . then sickness.
As the time to start training for real approaches, I should consider two similar, but different and important factors: where I fail and what opportunities I miss.

The bad
I fail to let my family know my plans. Because of this, I fail to SCHEDULE the training required for these goals.
As a result of this, I rely almost exclusively on opportunistic training. Last year I only planned one weekend training ride!

I focus too much on specific races. Because of this I miss out on the concept of building overall fitness as a daily goal. At the level of fitness I carry (and am capable of attaining) it’s far more valuable to simply aim for daily movement as a specific goal. The race performances will probably be as good if not better.

I could do SOMETHING every day.
On holidays last year I could have done a mountain run every other day – I didn’t do that.
I should run to work at least three days a week (to start with).
I should train on the trainer…now.

The Gaps
What I have yet to figure out is how to get my swimming training done once the club’s summer schedule kicks in.

There are many questions that need to be addressed – I’ll do this over the christmas period.


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