Lidingöloppet recon.

I’m many things today after the reconnaissance of the last 22km of the course. Worried, humbled, tired yet glad I did it.

The goal of a silver medal time has now been relegated to dream status – I just don’t see how I can do it with my current fitness. I pulled the table below from the web; it shows the splits of a person who went sub 2:15. With my lack of distance training, I’d want to be even faster for the first half – probably around 1:04:00 (4:16/km). As I said earlier, just a dream.

5 km – 00:24:00
10 km – 00:43:30
15 km – 1:05:00
20 km – 1:28:00
25 km – 1:51:00

I have to make a decision over the next two weeks and then decide what to do. If I go out at sub 2:15 pace and am not ready for it I’ll probably be adding 2-3 minutes to my eventual finishing time…

There is a slight glimmer of hope remaining. I was -and still am- carrying a slight cold and I did a long run only two days previously, so maybe that was slowing me down a little. I really want to get out to Lidingö one more time before race day so I can be a little more familiar with the course…

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