Getting There

I backed up my long run with a fast 5km the next day. I felt good during this run but kept it short since I had planned to do a second long run the following day. I started the long run the next day and felt bad quite early into it. I stayed at it hoping that it would come good but it never did. I turned around and headed for home with a slow 10km under my belt. I then decided to hit the MTB trails on the way home and crashed… Sore right upper quad.

Next day my right knee was sore – I assume the quad was pulling on it due to the injury. I did some very light stretching and decided to rest until I felt good again.

Yesterday the pain had subsided sufficiently for me to attempt a run. The Ursvik 15km was how I decided to test my leg and I’m glad I did. I took it easy and it felt effortless – that’s the first time in a long time that I can say that the Extreme trail was effortless; just last week it was beating me up pretty bad. Fir the first time this year I can now say that there is come running fitness coming. I’m still planning what to do next but I may well skip Stockholm Half Marathon… at the moment, I’m not seeing how it fits into my plans for Lidingöloppet…

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