Easy was Hard

I did another XC run today. This time on the more challenging Ursvik Extreme plus a 2km add on each way, bringing the total up to 19km and some change.

The plan was to run easy and hold form; it’s all about getting the distance in and being able to train again the next day. Even though I was running easy I was extremely fatigued at the end. The relentless hills take their toll regardless of my pace. The outline plan that I wrote has already been broken… let’s see how I do in the coming days. Still not giving up!

2014-09-01: Ursvik Extreme
2014-09-02: Ursvik Extreme + 4km
2014-09-03: Long Run (24km)
2014-09-05: Ursvik Extreme
2014-09-07: Long Run (26km)
2014-09-09: Ursvik Extreme (Fast)
2014-09-10: Long Run (28km)
2014-09-11: 30 min
2014-09-12: 30 min
2014-09-13: Race – Half Marathon
2014-09-15: Ursvik 10km
2014-09-16: Ursvik Extreme
2014-09-17: Long Run (28km)
2014-09-19: Ursvik Extreme (Fast)
2014-09-20: 30 min
2014-09-21: Ursvik 10km (Fast)
2014-09-22: Ursvik Extreme
2014-09-23: Long Run (25km)
2014-09-27: Race

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