I have been on holidays and have had a 100% media blackout during that time. No TV, Web, newspapers … nothing.

Just before holidays I did XTERRA Sweden. I had no goals going in to the race – in fact the race was an experiment of sorts. I wanted to put myself on a start line when I knew I was not ready; usually I don’t start so I though that if I enter a race that I don’t usually enter then there would be no pressure to perform and thus no need to be prepared.

I stood on the start line feeling relaxed, predicting a sub three hour finish time.

Swam easy – well within myself and came out of the water after about 23 minutes. Not too bad.

Transition was probably the longest transition that took place anywhere in the entire world in 2014. I put on socks and gloves and fumbled every step of the way – not slick at all.

The MTB course was what I was really looking forward to – I started a little too hard but soon settled into a nice rhythm. There was a nice mix of trail, gravel paths, loose rocks and technical sections – really enjoyed it and my confidence increased with every pedal stroke. Lap two the technical sections were easier (why didn’t I learn the course?!).

T2 was quick.

Hit the run with 2:03 on the clock. Sub three was in the bag… I thought. The run course was two 5km laps of which 3,5km was scrambling. Absolutely impossible (for me) to run. I think the run took 59 minutes…

Finished with just over three hours on the clock. Had a great day though.

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