Wetsuit Time

There was a 1500m test swim today so I decided to take along my wetsuit; my first time wearing one since August 2007.

I managed to do the 1500 in 21:03 – that’s just under a minute off my best and 1:04 outside my golden target of sub-20:00… I wonder if I will ever do it.

One thing I did notice about the wetsuit is that my triceps are very very sore – I’m obviously engaging them differently in the wetsuit – the thing is, is that the correct way, or is the way I engage them without the wetsuit the correct way? The things that one can wonder about when they have time!

Tomorrow’s plan is a long run – there is plenty of snow about, so I’m not looking forward to it one bit; I really have to do it though. The Stockholm Marathon plan is becoming a bit of a joke at this stage.

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