Ursvik Xtrem – Setback

I was still tired from Tuesday and Thursday’s double training days but decided that I should get out and do an easy long run. The Ursvik Xrerm can’t ever be called easy but I ran it very conservatively and hoped it would not require too much recovery afterwards.

I felt pretty bad for the first few kilometres but started to feel better and better as I progressed. By kilometre 8 I was feeling pretty good and this feeling remained until the end – with the exception of a mishap at kilometre 13. I was approaching a section where I fell last week and I said to myself -out loud- that “this is where you fell last week, take it easy here”. No sooner had I said it when I tripped again on probably the same rock as I did last week and hurt my right big toe pretty badly. There was immediate pain but it subsided an I could finish the run pain free.

Every passing hour since then has caused an increase in pain. I’m assuming that it is a sprain and the advice from the world wide web states that a toe sprain can cause five to ten days off running.

I’ve iced the toe, taken painkillers and added a compression bandage. I’m still in pain but I’ll get through the day. If the usual sprain takes five days before one can run again I’m going to assume that I can start on the concept2 in two to there days – this will reduce the negative effect that the injury has on my running and swimming.

Injury summary:
Injury happened at 10:45 on Saturday 2014-03-22.
Finished run without pain.
Pain increased with time for 20 hours. (2/10->6/10)
10:45 on Sunday 2014-03-23 compression, ice and painkillers. Pain 5/10. Walking is difficult. Can move toe painfully: significantly more pain with dorsiflexion.


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