Low Mojo

I had the morning to train. Alarm went off and I felt no desire to get up. Snooze #1. Nine minutes of deep sleep later I hit snooze #2. Somehow, just two minutes later I was up and getting dressed – making excuses about how I could skip my gym session.

Driving to work I had almost convinced myself that I would do a little bit of work first, then -after my breakfast has digested- I would go out and run. At the last moment, I took the turn into the gym parking lot and decided I’d row 10km.

My head was not in it – I wanted to climb off after only 1km. I somehow managed to keep going for the full 10km; the slowest 10km of the year. With that said, I’m taking it as a victory: a victory for will power. I’ll remember this set when I feel like skipping a workout next. A shit one is infinitely better than no workout.

Let’s see if I am able to make it to swimming tonight.


Did it. I was extremely tired after putting the girls to bed and considered skipping the swimming. In a last minute burst of energy I jumped in the car and drove across town to swim. Upon diving into the water I immediately felt good and had a great swim. The swimming is pretty intense at the club these days – I’m not sure if that’s good but I’ll roll with if and see where it leads. I’ll have to start focusing on longer easier sets pretty soon. I want to be in the ‘swim shape of my life’ this July when it matters. Getting there in April won’t do!

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