Row ->Sleep -> Run

Oh what plans I had for this morning. I had planned to do a monster training set before work. Run an easy 42 minute 10km on the treadmill, then 10 minute of strength work on the Concept2 (Some kind of interval with very high resistance) and follow that with a 30 minute swim.

To prepare for this I did a 10km row last night – took it very easy and didn’t feel any after effects last night. Unfortunately the after effects were there. My usual easy 42 minute was not good. Uncomfortable would be a mild way of putting it – agony would be a little dramatic. It just wasn’t happening. I slogged it out for 32 minutes and then decided to do intervals for the last 10 minutes; 1 min @ 13km/h, 1 min @ 16km/h. Last minute @ 17km/h. I figured that a) I was feeling shite anyway, so I might as well put the hammer down and b)I would not be doing any more training after the run so I should get some quality done.

Now, 90 minutes later I do not regret scrapping the plan. It was not the correct plan. Tomorrow is another day.

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