1/4 Progression

I felt pretty lethargic today. I postponed my planned session twice before finally driving down to the gym to do my planned 10km AeT row.
The only thing is that I didn’t do the set I planned.

The first 500m took an eternity – then I started to come good… Very good. The stroke felt fluid and I was getting faster and faster. Then I hit the first 2,5km split: 10:09. I carried on rowing at what I believed to be a similar effort and the next two splits showed this not to be true: 10:04, 10:01. Then I decided to go for it; I upped the pace for the next km and then hammered the last 1,5km. The 2,5km splits were: 10:10, 10:04, 10:01, 9:50.

I’ll take it relatively easy for the next three rows and then repeat the 1/4 progression row. It’s something to be used sparingly from now on.

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