‘Getting There…

The MTB skills are coming. Slowly, but coming nonetheless. On Friday I did a lunchtime and a post-work lap of NICK. During lunch, I just cycled – made no attempt to get a PB. However, I got a 4 minute PB! What’s that all about?
My previous PB was made in perfect conditions. This not-attempt was made in wet, slippery conditions.
To compound the mystery factor, I then decided to make an actual attempt at a PB after work. I went very hard and came up ten seconds SLOWER than my lunchtime non.attempt.

Was I tired?
Was I too tense?
I don’t know!

I do know that I left a couple of minutes out there though. I think Sub-36 minutes is within my grasp.

Last night I did an easy run. The 5km followed by the 2,5km Ursvik loop. I can say it was easy but I can also say it was slow. Last week’s 4:35/km showed that I have good leg speed – as long as there are no hills.
Last night’s run showed me that my leg speed is no match for even the smallest hills: 4:53/km!

Nothing to worry about for now. Just keep running.

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