End of Season Break Ended

That’s it now. Nearly four weeks of nearly no training.
I got back at it on Friday with a very short treadmill run followed by a reasonable restrained effort on the Concept2.
5000m in 20:29 – the goal was to keep my heart rate low, with the long term goal in mind: Rowing more than 15km in 60 minutes.

On Saturday I did an easy late run. Just 30 minutes. I don’t want to get injured so I am taking things very easy for now.

Sunday I got out on the MTB for two laps of NICK Spår. I only planned on doing one but when I finished it I didn’t feel like going home. I decided to keep cycling until I felt the need to go home. That turned out to be after completing the second lap. It was not a fast affair at all – the wet conditions slowed me down to a crawl at times. Still, good fun though.
To complete y return to training I planned to run to and from work today.
Part one went well. JUst 4km to work, took it easy but it felt great. So great that I decided to take a longer route home – via Edsviken. All went well until about 20 minutes into the run where I notices that I had phased out a bit. I realised that I was dizzy and felt faint. I kept running for another 10 minutes before I had to stop. I limited the stop to 1 minute, ran for 5 more, walked a minute and then managed to ‘run’ the rest of the way home.
I guess training 4 days in a row is not the ideal method to get back into things. If I recover properly no though it could function as a good springboard to fitness.

See how I feel tomorrow and make a new plan from there.

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