What A Difference A Day Makes…

…24 little hours.


Back-to-Back swimming at Huvudstabadet.
Took them both at a similar effort.
One day later the pace improved by five seconds per 100m.
This is not fitness at work – this is feel.
I wish running was like that!


Tomorrow I face a challenge.
I am entered in a 10km race and have ran exactly two times in the past six and a half weeks.
I was pretty fit during my last injury-causing run so I at least have that to my advantage.

How much fitness did I loose?
How much benefit did I get from the two runs I did manage during that time?

I fear (but can’t accept) that I will go over 40 minutes for the first time in YEARS.
This is bad.
This is a fact that I still can’t accept.

Why am I racing?
I’m hoping to get a small springboard for Sala Silverman Half Iron distance triathlon one week later.

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