Analysis Time…

A quick comparison between Dublin Marathon preparation and Stockholm Marathon Preparation.
The figures show very little differences in running numbers but I have done far more running and swimming while preparing for Stockholm Marathon.
What the figures don’t show is that I’m trying to the ‘triathlon fit’ at the same time as preparing for a Marathon and that I have an Aquathlon 30 days after the marathon… the aquathlon is my A Race for the year.
Lastly, the graphs don’t show that I was having constant knee pain in the final eight weeks of my training for Dublin Marathon. For Stockholm, I built up my distance very carefully and have bee pain free.
So, we have the numbers, graphs and the facts behind both. What will the result show?

Dublin Run Training:

Stockholm Run Training:

Dublin All Training:

Stockholm All Training:

What does it all mean?
Well, firstly, it means that I’m in for a world of pain in 12 days time – that is of no doubt.
Secondly, it means that I have not prepared as much as I thought for this marathon.
The remaining question is: Will the extra ‘other training’ assist me in any in the Marathon?

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