Not Quite…

I didn’t get everything I planned done last week but I probably got enough.

Run – Turbo Set – Swim – Long Run.
Only missed out on the bike ride and the M-Paced run.
The long run was pretty easy yesterday:

Duration: 02:35:07, HR Avg: 143, HR Max: 161, Calories: 1671 kcal, Distance: 32.43 km, Pace Avg: 04:48 min/km, Training Load: 306

HR Nice and low, Pace acceptable, RPE very acceptable.
I’m on track.
Bike fitness is suffering but that is baked into the cost of running a marathon.


Today I got a double day on the back of a long run and long week:
3km non-stop swim in work pool.
Suicide intervals in Ursvik 2,5km trail
4×2,5km – Each 2,5km lap 30 seconds faster than the previous.

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