Big Week

Looks like it will be a big week this week. I backed up yesterday’s track session with an easy turbo set in the afternoon and a swim in the evening.
I hadn’t been on a bike in 11 days and was pretty tired from the run-block I have just completed so I just did an easy set: Stacked 10s I’ll call it.
5:00 w/u
10:00 @ 210w
2:00 E
10 min – 0:40 @ 300w / 0:20 E
2:00 E
10:00 @ 210w
2:00 E
8:00 alt. 1:00 under/over 255w/210w
2:00 E
9:00 alt. 1:00 under/over 255w/210w


Swim was an unusual set.
Looked easy on paper but was pretty good quality. 55 solid minutes swimming.
I’m not too sure what I’ll do tomorrow. Probably a tough trainer set… a swim if I can manage.


Key sessions I would like to get done this week:
Long Run
5k Swim
14km M-Paced Run
TT Bike outside.
That’s about 7 hours required… added to the 2:44 I have already done. It’ll be my biggest week since 2006 if I get it all done.

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