A Lot…

A lot of training to detail here. I’ve been away from home and hadn’t any time to update the site.
After the swim in my last entry I did my first outdoor ride of the year. After all the work I had done on the trainer I was really afraid of how my form would show on the road. It turned out to be not too bad:
84,2km / 1573kJ / 31,4km/h / Average HR 138
There were 5 hard efforts during the ride. The interesting thing was that my indoor power was not transferable to the road; I couldn’t hold FTP for any significant amount of time. I hope that this turns out to be and adaptability issue and is resolved with a few more outings on the bike… time will tell.
After that I boarded a plane and had a training block planned.
What transpired was a lot of rest followed by a solid running block with two easy swims thrown in for good measure.

The runs were:
Wednesday: 9,1km @ 4:10/km
Friday: 30km @ 4:55/km
Sunday: 9,1km @ 4:12/km
Monday: 14x400m on 2:00. Average 400m time 1:21 (12km including run to/from the track)
Total: 60,2km in 6 days.

That’s my best running block in years. Now to see if I can recover from it and build on it. Only four weeks to the marathon leaves little time for any real improvement but adding some top-end speed to my long base might be the way to go for now.

Tomorrow is swimming and cycling. I’ll try to swim during work and then hit the trainer at night.
I’m not sure what I should prioritise just now; my A-Triathlon-Race has not really been picked yet. That should be the next decision to make this week.

Anyway, I’m back.
Training continues.

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