One of Six

According to the plan made last night, I have six long runs remaining.
Not any more. One down, five to go.

Duration: 02:15:55, HR Avg: 147, HR Max: 160, Calories:1519 kcal, Distance: 27.38 km, Pace Avg: 04:57 min/km,Training Load: 292

After the disastrous long run last week I was not looking forward to ever doing a long run again. Today was good. The Monday tempo run was still weighing on my legs -and mind- but it didn’t seem to effect me. Admittedly I did feel a bit awkward on my feet for the first few kilometres but it soon passed. The next bad patch I went through was at about km number 17… I started to get thirsty. I thought I could push through it and do the remaining 10km dry but with 6 to go I passed a café and the draw was too much.
I wend in, bought a coke, drank half of it and was running better after it.
I always knew this fact, but I suppose I should ensure I drink during the long runs…
Anyway, I’m pleased.

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