First Interval Set

Last night’s first SCT Monday running session was tough.
The plan was 4/5 x Råstasjön laps and I’m so glad that we decided that 4 laps would be sufficient. For a premier interval session, 8,4km is plenty!
The goal was simple: Hold 10km race pace and don’t drop time as the intervals progress.
I failed somewhat in my set:
Lap 1: 8:23 – I started slow to ensure everyone knew where to go.
Lap 2: 7:54 (3:45/km)- I felt pretty good.
Lap 3: 7:59 (3:47/km)- I was suffering pretty bad during this one and didn’t think I’d have anything left for the last one.
Lap 4: 8:10 (3:53/km)- If I was alone I probably would have quit. Group training helped me here.

So, 16 seconds dropped throughout the set.
Next week I’ll do the same and hopefully improve on both speed and drift.
Goal is to be 7:21/lap (3:30/km) in 1 month.

I had planned a long run today. That won’t happen.
Despite everything I know, I still have difficulty visualizing how difficult an interval session can be when it is only on paper.
Lesson: When writing a set, imagine I’m going to do it three days in a row.

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