Mojo is Back…

After last Sunday’s run I prescribed myself a few days of complete rest. There could be no other reason for the disastrous run on Sunday other than fatigue. As rest tends to do, it got extended from two days to four – missing one session makes missing the next easer…

Lacing in the runners yesterday I was still not sure that everything would be ok though the initial few strides felt great. The run was an out and back 10.5km at approximately marathon pace. It turned out to be 4:18km and cause no difficulty at all. Afterwards I jumped into the pool and swam easy for 11 minutes. 1:38/100m.


Today I hit the turbo for a new set. It seemed to be quite difficult on paper but one never knows until the plan is mashed into the pedals. That plan was 10 x [ 10:00 @ FTP(245w), 1:00 Easy ]
In the end I did 9 intervals, I skipped the last one because it had been getting very difficult from interval number 5 onwards and I wanted to save my legs for tomorrow’s long run. Ten or even 12 would have been possible but the run tomorrow takes preference.
It’s a good set that I’ll probably build up to 10 x 6:00/1:00 over the coming weeks.
Run tomorrow.
Run tomorrow.

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