Back Off

Time to back off. My plan for today was naive.
On the back of my longest training week in years I planned a long run.
I had not biked three times in a week in years: I did it this week.
I had not ran 35km in a week before my long run: I did this week.
I did an FTP test 34 hours before the long run.
Add all this up and it’s not surprising that the run was a cataclysmic failure.

At first, I just felt slow.
Then I realised that I was slow.
Then I couldn’t even up the pace for some strides.
Then I wanted to stop running. I didn’t but I really wanted to.

Here is what I got:
Duration: 02:19:37, HR Avg: 145, HR Max: 157, Calories: 1531 kcal, Distance: 25.91 km, Pace Avg: 05:24 min/km, Training Load: 285

Low pace, High HR (for the pace), High RPE for the distance, HR and the pace.
Running tomorrow is not a good idea.


On a completely different note, I started to fix my new wheels today.
First layer of glue is drying at the moment and I’ll fit the tyres tomorrow night. That will have them ready for Wednesday’s race.

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