Ran during lunch today and it was not too pleasant.
I was underdressed and it was pretty windy but I never felt good o my feet; there was no flow in my running. Perhaps tiredness is the reason, perhaps the wind and the cold or perhaps -and most likely- I’m not running enough.

Duration: 01:16:58, HR Avg: 152, HR Max: 166, Calories: 905 kcal, Distance: 17.14 km, Pace Avg: 04:28 min/km, Training Load: 202

I WILL do 60 minutes on the turbo tonight.

60 minutes and one second completed. I’m very tired now…
40 minutes of BG work followed by 16x 0:40/0:20 VO2 Max intervals. Absolutely shelled at the end.

Speed (km/h): 27.8
Power (watts): 206
Heart Rate (bpm): 145
Cadence (rpm): 74
xPower (watts): 211
Relative Intensity: 0.869
BikeScore™: 76
Daniels Points: 57
Daniels EqP (watts): 211
TRIMP Points: 99
Aerobic Decoupling (%): 3.70
Skiba VI: 1.025
Max Heartrate (bpm): 163
Max Power (watts): 365

Worth noting is the power on the 0:40/0:20 intervals… I tried to hold 360w at the start but very soon found that it was not going to be possible. Reducing to 320w made it manageable but very difficult. There is an enormous difference between 0:30/0:30 where I can hold 360w and 0:40/0:20 where 320w is a struggle. I have to do some analysis later on…

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