No Run…

The plan didn’t work out.

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Swim
Wednesday: Turbo Set
Thursday: Run + Swim
Friday: Turbo Set + Run
Saturday: Swim?
Sunday: Long Run

Total Training Time: 3:39

No running at all this week; that is probably not a very bad thing but it needs to be addressed.
This week will have three runs, two Turbo sessions and at lest two swims.
Over 8 hours is the goal.
Long run planned today: 27km

Let’s see.


Started in sunshine and finished in snow.
Ended up off-road on Ice for about 500m – I think this slowed the average somewhat.
It was very easy up to 20-22km; then it got a progressively difficult.
28,46km , 2:20:36, 147 av. HR, 4:58/km

A good start to the week.

Checking against the marathon plan:
The plan:

The Training:
(10th/Feb)18,(18th/Feb)21,87,(27th/Feb)25,5,(7th/March)15-[M-Pace],(10th/March)27[Lap 2 of Mara Course](18th/March)28.5,(24th/March)30,(31st/March)30,(7th/April)32,(14th/April)30,(21st/April)32

I was thinking during my long run; what else is there to do?
I have never been running these distances so far out from a marathon… this leaves me room to try something new. Not revolutionary new to the field of marathon training or the study of human physiology, new to me. Different to what ‘works’.
I used ‘works’ because maybe there is something better. Maybe it doesn’t work!

So, the thoughts that floated around were two different ideas.
1/ Go LONG. I usually cap the training at 32km – never going longer. Why not do a 35km run? In a marathon I usually start to fall apart at km 28-30. If I ran longer distances in training would this change? Or – is it the pace? which brings me to idea #2.

2/ Run Significantly more at M-Pace. Perhaps take a full week running 10-15km per day at planned M-Pace. Is this just looking for a injury or is it looking for an edge?

Perhaps there is something in 1 & 2, perhaps it’s obvious. Perhaps it’s just a different way of saying TRAIN MORE. Perhaps it’s the madness that is music free running; too much time to think.

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