Off Season

Dublin Marathon is complete so now it’s time for the off-season. I have a few little projects to get done and I already hear the calling of the Concept2 Rower – perhaps this could be the year that I row more than 15km i60 minutes…

My to-do list for the comming weeks is as follows:
1/ Insulate my shed and make a pain cave for the trainer.
2/ For that pain cave, I have bought a power2max Power Meter. I have to buy chainrings, assemble it and fit it to the bike.
3/ Some weeks of knee rehab… then build up the running speed again before the Stockholm Marathon build begins.
4/ Start swimming
5/ Start bike training. Easy first, then FTP intervals.
6/ Perhaps look for a new job.

I tried to run on Sunday -6 days after the marathon- and didn’t feel all that great. I had two problems: discomfort and no motivation; a pretty bad combination of problems to try work with… After returning home I decided to take another 6 days off from runnig and try again. In the meantime I’ll carry on working with my shed project and then I can at least train on the bike when that’s done.

I’ll also start to plan some 2013(and probably 2014) goals.

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