Long Run today, Kona Tonight

Breakfast eaten, time for this weeks long run. Feeling good now – let’s see how two and a half hours of running effects that.

Duration: 02:31:37, HR Avg: 146, HR Max: 188, Calories: 1688 kcal, Distance: 32.44 km, Pace Avg: 04:41 min/km, Training Load: 317

Nice run. Sunny day. Feeling a little stiff now. I’ll write more later.


It’s now later. I’m tired but I feel that I am well able to manage a 32km run now. Only 5 weeks training and my distance has gone from 12km to 32… Impressive. The down side -there always is one- is that while I may be able for 32, or even 42km, my speed has evaporated into thin air. I was feeling pretty comfortable throughout the entire run today and with 8km to go I thought I’d up the pace and see what happened. The result: my heart rate went up 10 bpm, my speed increased by 2 seconds/km! This is not what I was hoping for.

Next week should be all about addressing this lack of speed. I’ll call it Speed week.
It’ll inclue a set of Yasso 800s, the M-Paced run (16+ km) and the treadmill hill session.

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