Late Night Run

It was very difficult to motivate myself to step out the door tonight.

I got back home from work at 20:00, put the kids to bed and it was 21:20 by the time the dust had settled in the house. My plan for the week was to try to push the long forward from Sunday to Saturday this week; it’s the third 30 so I think I need less recovery than the last few weeks. In order to achieve the Saturday run AND get three runs in for the week I really had to get out the door tonight. Sunday -the day after the long run- is simply not an option. With that in mind, out I went and did a quick one:

Duration: 00:41:46, HR Avg: 157, HR Max: 166, Calories: 519 kcal, Distance: 9.89 km, Pace Avg: 04:13 min/km, Training Load: 129

Not as long as I wanted but infinitely better than the zero It was looking very likely to be. Job done.
Long run planned for 8:30 Saturday morning. Around 31km will do the trick. 4:45/km would be nice.

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