I may be foolish now.
Alternatively, I may have been foolish for the past 6 years.

Let me explain.
Up to this year I only entered races that I thought I was well prepared for. My definition of well prepared was “prepared enough to either come close to or beat my PB in that specific event”.

If that was foolish, then I am now less foolish.
If that made sense, then I am now foolish.

I have a 10k race in 3 days; #1: I have ran five times in the last seven weeks!
I entered Dublin Marathon last night; #1 from above plus #2: Dublin marathon is in 11 weeks.
I have an Olympic triathlon in 9 days; #1 from above #3: I have not done a triathlon in 6 years #4: I have never done an Olympic triathlon before #5: I have not swam consistently since early May

Last year, in my end of season review, I stated: “I must give myself at least a chance to fail”.
Boy did I ever succeed in that!


I ran just over 10km today.
4:00/k for the first hals.
Got difficult after that.
Ended the run with 4:13/km average pace for 42 minutes.

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