All three…

Over the past five days I managed to get in all three sports.

Thursday (the 19th) I get a big swim in.
3×1000 + 10×100
It wasn’t fast but i have th take what I get these days. I can’t expect to be fast when I miss so much swim training.

Friday was a double day.
2×20:00 on the turbo in the AM
11.,3km run in the evening. The 10km Ursvik was done in 44:something. Not too bad.

Saturday was another swim. I don’t know how much I did because a guy in the neighbouring lane insisted on talking to me on several occasions so in lost count (and broke my set). My politeness made the session lower quality than it otherwise would have been.
I think I managed 36×100 on 1:50 – with two chat breaks in between.

I then drank way too much beer on Saturday night and attempted a run just 11 hours after polishing off my last beer. This was a bad idea… I kept running -or I doing something closely approximating running- waiting for the hangover to lift; it didn’t and the pace didn’t either. I called it a day after 4.7 km and headed home having learned a valuable lesson.

I have now just climbed off the trainer after doing 5 minutes warmup followed by 30 minutes hard. I upped the pace with 10 minutes remaining and could hold it until the end. This tells me that I haven’t found my pace for these intervals yet. Not surprising since I have only started doing the longer intervals last week.
I think what will come out of it will be some extra speed from knowledge of pacing first, then the fitness benefits will follow.

Keep at it and try a race or two before the season ends.

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