Three Days…

…not the Jane’s Addiction song; three days in a row on the Turbo.

Today’s recipe was a short but sharp one.
5 minutes w/u
10 minutes @HIM effort
2 mins easy
5 mins Olympic tri effort
2 mins easy
10 minutes as (1:00 Oly, 1:00 HIM, 2:00 Oly, 2:00 HIM, 5:00 Oly)
2 minutes w/d

I was surprised by the effort I could sustain on the last ten minutes. Yesterday’s 25 minute main set showed me that I can hold a higher pace for longer than I felt or realised. I will run and swim tomorrow and squeeze in another bike set if I can.

Today’s run was cancelled because of, well, let’s say family issues.

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