Two Days

Two days and two turbo sessions.

First one -on Monday- was 5×5:00(2:00 RI) + 5×1:00 (0:30 RI)

Tuesday I tried a single 25 minute interval to get an idea how a 2×20:00 would feel.

While it was hard, I don’t see how it beats the more intensive sessions. Word on slowtwitch is that the 2×20:00 is better than the short harder intervals but surely it is work done that counts; add up your kilojoules and the most wins. However, if you haven’t done the high intensity stuff, how are you going to cover a breakaway attempt? How are you going to make a mid race move to leave the pack behind (be that a triathlon or a rr pack)?

I’ll give the 2×20:00 a try but will not leave the puke inducing hard stuff behind for the moment.

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