All going wrong…

Sine my last swim training has been sparse. It took a long time to recover from the trail marathon and the running and cycling training sessions that followed it felt pretty bad. There then came a visit from my family that disturbed four days training and there are many other excuses to be added too.

Basically, it looks like I’m going to do my usual ‘peek in October’ thing. But this year it will need some effort to do so. A family wedding, a stag party and a summer holiday to be thrown into the mix could map it an Autumn to forget.

I’ll try to get a Turbo set and a run done today… try being the appropriate word.
Feeling down.
Close to giving up.

Almost forgot to mention, I swam yesterday: 1000 Easy, 15×100 on 0:20 rest, 1000 Steady
No power in arms. Need to start using the stretch cords since I’m not managing to get to swim training.

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