It’s been a while…

Haven’t updated in a while so I’ll be less specific than I usually am.
Training has been nit and miss but my form seems to be building into something useable. I’m beginning to feel the seeds of strength on the bike and my running is close to race ready. In the transition from winter to summer training I have however dropped some swim fitness – Nothing too alarming and nothing that can’t be rectified in a week or two.

My key sessions in the last week have been a 3x2km interval set at 3:48/km on 1 min rest. The usual 4 churches bike loop @ 30,8km/h on a windy day and 15×400 on 2:00 all in 1:24 or less.

These key sets have been padded by some indoor biking and a coupe of fairly fast trail runs.

I’m standing at a gateway to fitness – there are three things to do now.
1/ Keep focus
2/ Don’t get injured (running too much is the usual suspect)
3/ Keep the balance between three sports

Maybe it’s also time to call out one of my improvement suggestions from last year: allow yourself to fail.
That means that I should just race.

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