Three Days

I didn’t get out on the bike on Monday but the chance arose on Tuesday. I reluctantly headed out from work at 4 o’clock and headed for my usual three churches lap. The wind was up, the average speed was down and I didn’t feel all that well. I battled with the wind and my mind for the guts of three hours to arrive home exhausted, tired and somewhat demoralised. 82km @ 28,6km/h.
Wednesday was a little better if not a little rushed. Family time ate into my training time so I ended up driving to the track – something that I don’t want to make a habit of. Once there I did 15×400 on 2:00. Most were in 1:21 with one at 1:19, some at 1:20 and one in 1:22. Happy with the pace considering my legs felt heavy from Monday’s ride.
Last but not least -well, actually it is the least- I did a 36 minute lunchtime swim: 10 minutes steady crawl, 8×33 kick/66 crawl, 10 minutes as 33m Hard / 8 seconds rest.

Now – the question remains; will I get on the bike trainer tonight?

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