Nice and challenging swim set today. The planned set was:
5 min w/u
15 mins 100s start on 2:00
15 mins 100s start on 1:50
15 mins 100s start on 1:40
We started a little late so the actual set was:
200m w/u
6×100 on 2:00
8×100 on 1:50
9×100 on 1:40
200m w/d

All but two 100s were done in 1:30 or less. Said two were done in 1:31 and this was because of loss in focus during the 100s – daydreaming if you will. It took a lot longer to come back than I hoped but I’m really pleased with my swimming and excited about what I can do with it this year. Roll on the summer!

As a little extra info – see below for my build for the season. Specific prep begins now.

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